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Superstar Savers Kid's Club
Welcome to the Superstar Savers Kid's Club 
Penny the Pig welcomes you to the Superstar Savers Kid's Club page. On this page you can find your fun monthly worksheets, a summary of the Superstar Savers program, and how your student can open an account. 
Students enrolled in third through fifth grade at Putnam County Elementary School and those in fifth through eighth grade at Ladd Community Elementary School are eligible to participate.  Kid club members will earn Superstar Savers dollars while learning how to save and manage money. 
Why join the Superstar Savers Kid's Club? 

  • Receive a $5 Superstar Savers Kid's Club certificate to open up your account!
  • Receive $5 deposited into your account for every 'A' you earn on your report card every grading period!
  • Have a chance every month to earn bonus bucks for your account by completing the website worksheets!
  • A special incentive prize if you NEVER withdraw money from your Superstar Savers Kid's Club account when you graduate eighth grade (Ladd students) or complete fifth grade (PC students).
    How to open a Superstar Savers Kid's Club Account?  

  • Students will need to bring in their social security card and/or birth certificate, a parent or guardian, and their Superstar Savers Kid's Club $5 certificate to open their account.
  • Parents or guardians need to bring their driver's license or ID card.
  • Come into either the Hennepin or Ladd office lobby and see a teller to open up your Superstar Savers Kid's Club account.
  • Once the account is opened, students will receive a passbook with a special sticker showing they are a member of the Superstar Savers Kid's Club!
  • Students may then open an Internet Banking account so they can watch their savings grow from home, school, or wherever they have Internet access.
    The benefits of the Superstar Savers Kid's Club Account 

  • Superstar Savers learn the importance of saving their money.
  • Through monthly activities, they will learn how a bank works and other important aspects of banking.
  • By opening an Internet Banking account, Superstar Savers will be educated on how Internet Banking works and will learn how they can do all of their banking from anywhere they have Internet access.
  • Superstar Savers Kid's Club members learn that working hard in school pays off!

  • The Superstar Savers Kid's Club account is earning an annual percentage yield of 0.15% as of October 17, 2012. This is a variable rate product and the rate may change at any time. All transactions, including dropping off worksheets, are conducted in the Bank lobbies only. The bank allows eight days from "report card day" for students to bring in their report card for 'A' money. After that time, NO money will be awarded. Because the Superstar Savers Kid's Club is designed to educate the students to save, students are required to leave their money in their account throughout the school year. At the end of the school year, students are allowed two weeks to withdraw funds they may wish to have for the summer. If the student never withdraws funds from the account since it was opened, North Central Bank will present the student with a gift. In addition, students may complete monthly worksheets downloaded from the website to earn additional funds for their accounts. All the bonuses, including 'A' money and gifts, will be given to the student at the time they bring in their report card. The money is deposited directly into their Superstar Savers Kid's Club account.

  • Earn Bonus Bucks Now! 
    During the school year, you can earn bonus bucks.  Just download a fun money worksheet below.  Complete the worksheet and bring it into North Central Bank.  Your name will be entered into the monthly drawing for Superstar Savers Bonus Bucks.  One winner will be announced per age group. 
    Grades 1-2     Grades 3-5     Grades 6-8      
    Worksheets must be completed and delivered to North Central Bank by the end of the current month to be eligible. 

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