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Brandner Mapping 
Consolidated Grain & Barge  
McNabb Grain Company 
R & K Putnam Elevator 
Marquis Energy 
Read Brothers 
Holland and Sons, Inc. 
Seatonville Elevator 
Exolon ESK 
Hennepin Marine 
Realtor Listings 
Mark Judd Apartments 
Christina (Judd) Mennie, Attorney 
Quality Lawn Care, Scott Mennie - 815.343.8898 
Granville, Village of 
Hennepin, Village of  
Ladd, Village of 
Community Organizations  
Granville Rotary Club  
Hennepin Fire Department 
Henry Rotary Club 
The Charles Perdew Museum Association  
The Wetlands Initiative 
Marshall-Putnam Fair 
Putnam County Historical Society 
Putnam County, Illinois 
Ladd Grade School  
Hall High School 
Illinois Valley Community College 
Putnam County School District 
Spring Valley Community Schools 


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